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Being an Italian-American family, when Ma and Pa get out for a night on the town, like most Italians in our small hometown in northern Michigan, we hit the casino! I enjoy it because there’s not often rowdy youngsters there causing a ruckus, and there’s fun games to play while you enjoy some drinks in a comfortable atmosphere. It beats the club and bar scene for me. My husband likes the casino mainly because he enjoys gambling. We both know our limits and it’s an odd night that we get out on a date, but it’s definitely loads of fun spending a couple hundred bucks for a night out, playing games together, getting hyped over the bonuses and winnings, cheering each other on, and tackling the machines like a team sport. I hear some casinos pump clean oxygen into their facilities to elate guests’ moods and give them a natural high to enhance the experience. There’s complimentary drinks, so the amount of money we would have spent at a club or bar for cover charge and drinks is about the limit we set for ourselves for slot machines, blackjack, poker and roulette. If you want to learn how to play these games we recommend reading the guides at, the basics are often easy but to really be a pro at these games you need to learn some stuff in-depth.

Since the whole purpose of a casino is to spend money, they treat their patrons very good with nice utilities and free coat check. It’s nice when we leave with a couple hundred in winnings, but its not necessary to have a good time. One evening when we went there, I won over six thousand at the blackjack table! I guess I just hit a lucky streak! I cashed out and we got a taxi home. The next day I took my winnings and added them to my kids’ registered education savings plan– three thousand each! Something I do wish they would improve in the casino in our town is to put cup holders at the machines so you can see your drink at all times. Ours is lacking that right now so you have to lay your drink aside the machine to behind you. Otherwise, I have no complaints and its our favorite date destination!