stick-family-1449578741cAVIn times of struggle and hardship it is especially important to reflect upon the things we are thankful for. This year, despite being faced with many barriers, confrontations, obstacles and challenges, I am so very fortunate in so many ways.

  • 1) Firstly, for my amazing daughters, Juliette and Lillian. They are happy, healthy little kids and my best friends. They are constantly teaching me patience, humility, compassion, responsibility and love. They accepts my flaws, open my imagination and expose my vulnerabilities. We are each others’ heroes.
  • 2) My family, though mildly dysfunctional, means everything to me. Even through the trials and tribulations of our relationships, we meet each other with endless support and understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. It is with them that I have the most fun, feel the least self-conscious, and learn the most valuable lessons- even if it is “the hard way.” My Mom, who always comes from the deepest place of concern and care, and who generously provides everything she can for her kids, giving more than she has. My Dad, who has been my confident and rock during a lifelong battle of becoming an adult and a contributing member of society in this strange world, and accepting every flaw and mistake with open arms.
  • 3) My husband, who despite our struggles and bickering is an amazing father to our daughters and the strongest support we have.
  • 4) My wide group of supportive friends, whom without I would be clinically insane.
  • 5) My ability to work at a job that I love in a place I can be proud of. I am thankful to be a thirty three year old and have a managerial position where I feel competent and self-assured. I meet different people from all over the world each day and hear beautiful stories of peoples’ lives. I am also thankful that, despite being self-conscious about my weight and physical appearance, I am physically capable of working in such a job that requires strength and endurance.

Happy Thanksgiving