My kids and I absolutely love doing arts and crafts together. It is especially exciting when we have a particular goal or theme in mind, such as a holiday or special occasion. One super easy and artistic gift that we make often are homemade crayons. crayons-20275_960_720We have collected old, broken and worn crayons from our art supply kits, and sometimes purchased new boxes of crayons as well, and unwrapped the paper off of them and give them a rough chop (Be careful! This is a job for the parents!) You find silicon molds at dollar stores, department stores, craft stores or bulk food stores, and you put the crayon pieces into them. You can mix and match colors for a marble effect, or according to the theme of your creation! For instance, for Valentine’s Day we made pink, red, white and purple heart shaped crayons. For Christmas we made green, red and yellow Christmas balls and white and blue snowflakes. For Easter we made pastel colored Easter egg crayons. The possibilities are endless! Once you have your desired crayon bits in your chosen silicon mold, you place them on a baking sheet in an oven preheated to about two hundred degrees. After ten minutes of oven time the crayon wax will be melted. Carefully remove them from the oven and lay them somewhere to cool and get hard again. I sometimes put them into the fridge to speed up the process. Then you can easily pop them out of the silicon molds, and you have these really neat, colorful, creative gifts that you can make easily for the class, as a family reunion souvenir or as a loot bag filler! I love watching the kids react in amazement as they used their marbles colored crayons to make multi-colored drawings and writing.