The trampoline park is new to town, and since the day it opened the lineup has been out the door. We went to check it out last Tuesday, and we had the best time ever! The facility is wall-to-wall trampolines, with an area for trampoline dodge ball, an obstacle course with foam pits to safely fall in, a slam dunk trampoline area and a whole recreation area filled with trampolines for just running, bouncing, spinning, flipping and working up a sweat. matrix-trampolinesIt is great for the whole family as children and adults can participate together. It was such an incredible bonding experience. After a long, cold winter, it was great to get in some real intense physical activity with my kids. When we arrives we had to fill out a waiver and watch a safety video. We purchased special trampoline socks with grips on the bottom that we got to take home. The place was brand new, state of the art, and very clean and well constructed. It had water fountains, cubbies for your belongings, vending machines with different drinks, and a great playlist blasting over the stereo system. Out of all the recreational activities to do in town, this one has to be the best! Bowling is fun but it gets boring after awhile. Swimming is a great activity but also, when it becomes the only fun thing to do, it loses its appeal. Bouncing on a trampoline is invigorating. It made me feel so youthful and energized– something that I have been lacking since becoming a parent. Admittedly, the prices were a bit steep at just under sixty dollars for three of us, but we had such a good time that it was worth every penny. I am considering investing in a season pass for the kids and I, because I feel like we could really utilize it and it would greatly contribute to our health, fitness and relationship. Families that exercise together grow strong together and its a great chance to lead by example and teach your children the importance of an active lifestyle.