I recently had to ask a parenting group, “How do you remove a privilege from your children without them feeling like they are being punished?” Against my better judgement, I bought my six year old daughter a tablet for her birthday. youtube-1837872_960_720I downloaded several educational apps, e-books, and YouTube KIDS. Unbeknownst to me, YouTube KIDS is like heroin for their little minds– they obsess over it, crave it, become angry and dissociated when they are consumed in it. I felt that it was necessary to remove this app, but I knew my daughter would protest the loss of her favorite channels, which mainly host grown adults opening children’s toys, wealthy families excessively wasting toys and candy for bizarre online challenges and other materialistic, consumerist content. I reached out to an online parenting group, posting a short blurb about my situation and my feelings about it, and asking for advice or insight as to removing this app from her tablet without too much backlash. I discovered that many parents felt the same way I did, and had also either contemplated removing the app or had already removed it. Are casino games available for kids? No of course not! I got some positive comments and suggestions on how to do so with tact, and that evening I deleted the app, cleaned up her tablet and installed some more games and things for her to do.

The next day when her and I discussed it, she had a sobbing fit for several minutes, and then she was fine. I am so glad I stuck to my guns and was firm with her! Since she started using the app, her behavior and attitude were becoming negative and I was concerned about how this type of exposure would affect her worldview, her self esteem and her development. Parenting in the YouTube era is WEIRD!