My daughter Juliette said she wanted a pony for her 5th birthday. Of course, being a middle-class family in a busy urban area wasn’t exactly conducive to large pet ownership. So instead, we compromised with a pony party. After a quick Facebook-friend poll, we decided on which stable to go with, and called to book the party. The woman on the line let us know they had a special promotion on pony parties right now– $100 off. Score! Unicorn-ponyWhen we arrived at the stables (which was, admittedly, a bit hard to find) we entered a state-of-the-art new indoor riding facility and were directed to the upstairs party room. It was quaint and rustic, but big enough to comfortably hold enough guests for a 5 year old’s birthday party. We set up the cake, snacks, and decorations (all pony themed, of course,) turned on the music and proceeded back down to the riding area. The kids got an introduction to the ponies, how to groom and care for them, and then each took turns riding them around the loop. It was absolutely fabulous! The kids were mesmerized by the ponies, they got to have a super cool, novel experience. Connecting with nature and animals does the soul good, and these kids were in their glee. Plus, we were supporting local farmers and educating the kids and parents on the history and significance of these particular ponies to our region. Once we headed up to the party room after the activities has clued up, we got an hour to have pizza, cake, snacks, and open presents. Everyone left happy and full, with a loot bag in their hands. The parents and kids were raving about how much they loved the party, asking for contact details so they could book their own parties there.