12221292503_c3eff8db68_bSo right now I’m working three jobs; one full-time and two part-time. It’s going to be a busy summer. My schedule for this week is very full. I love being busy though, it keeps me going.

I need to summarize my to-do list so I have a clear idea of my obligations and the timeline.

  • Tomorrow is work and studying, and I have to take photos for a bulletin we’re doing for our research group. I’m hoping that I can start my research article tomorrow. Our team has started a self-study about our research processes and I’m eager to get writing.
  • Tuesday I have work until 11:00 am where I have to pick up the transcripts from our principle researcher to read over. Lunch with Nanny is my little escape after that, and then literature review. Tuesday night I am supposed to go St. Phillips to do the workshop with the elementary kids, so I hope I’m still doing that.
  • Wednesday is work again and alas more reading and writing, and hopefully some more work with the new research article. I think I’ll have time on Wednesday to go over the transcripts as well.
  • Thursday is child-minding followed by and work at the restaurant.
  • Friday I’m hosting a potluck with my colleagues and new managers.
  • Saturday I work at 2:00 pm. Hopefully I’ll get to take the girls hula-hooping beforehand if it’s sunny.

And in between all of this I’ll hopefully have some time to go up the East Coast Trail, do some volunteering at animal services, and get a workout in!

I can’t wait until the extra paychecks start coming in. It’s going to be a big relief. This is the beginning of my financially informed lifestyle change, and I couldn’t be more optimistic! I think when you first become a parent you get so caught up in providing the basic necessities that your future investments and planning are put on hold. Now we are finally in a position to put away retirement money, save for family vacations and enroll the girls in more extra curricular activities!